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Planning a class reunion at your home

by Terry Johnston

If you are looking to catch up with your old classmates but want to keep the event relatively low cost and intimate, having the event at your home can be a great idea. It's particularly suitable if you had a relatively small class that can easily meet at a home.

Here are some tips to make the reunion extra fun. 

Hire a karaoke machine

One of the fun aspects of getting together with old friends is your shared memories of songs and events from your youth. It can be fun to hire a karaoke machine filled with some of the popular songs from your schooling to sing along to together. Break up karaoke sessions with some period of recorded music to give everyone a little break from the sing abilities of your peer (which can often be of varied quality!). 

Have some party games set up

While you might have been close back in the day it can often be tricky to get people talking on the day if they feel a little shy about how they've gone in life. Have some fun icebreakers that everyone can contribute to, such as asking all of the attendees to contribute their favourite memory from school. People then need to chat to each other to work out which memory aligns with which classmate. 

It can also be fun to have some games set up that people who don't like small talk can get involved with, such as running a poker game or having some popular board games set up. 

Have some secret guests organised

If you have access to some of the staff from the school, it can also be fun to invite them along as special guests to see how their old students have matured over the years. It can be great to introduce them later. If you would like any of the guests to make special speeches, make sure you have a microphone and a timekeeper close by so that you can quick and easy to hear speeches from the guests. You can hire microphones from party hire stores. 

If some of your classmates cannot make it, for example if they are working overseas, it can be fun to have recorded video messages displayed on a screen. You can hire screens from party hire stores or DIY a screen with a projector and white sheet if you had a high-quality projector at home.

Good luck with your class reunion planning.