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Organising a Family Reunion

by Terry Johnston

If you have a large family, it can be hard to get everyone together in one place. If it's been a while since you've caught why not organise a family reunion?

Here is how to get the family together and chatting.

Find a Venue

A great venue is a local hall or outdoor undercover area. Make sure the venue has lots of space for the little children to run around, and is easy to access for any older family member who might have mobility issues. Town halls or undercover patios in parks are often available for rent from local councils, and many churches will also rent out their halls even if you are not part of the congregation.

Invite the Masses

Invite your relatives using a number of means. Contact people by phone if you have their number, and follow up with a written invite they can stick on the fridge. Use social media to create an event that your younger relatives can RSVP to electronically. Social media is often the easiest way to contact young relatives who are regularly moving between share houses and home.

Ask everyone to include their favourite song when they RSVP so you can create the soundtrack of your family. You can play it on the night and everyone might learn a new favourite.

Hire Some Chairs and Tables

If you don't have facilities already, contact a party hire store to get chairs and tables set up an your venue. Display some cure mementos like pictures of the older relatives getting married, or the teenagers looking cute and cuddly as toddlers, and 1980's wedding photos with big hair will get everyone chuckling and reminiscing.

Keep the food nice and easy, all prepared the day before. No one wants to the person slaving away in the kitchen when everyone else is having a great time. You can either hire cutlery from the party hire place if you have a sink/dishwasher, or use disposables if you only have a bin.

Inject Some Atmosphere

Considering hiring a karaoke machine, or at least a good system. Getting everyone singing and dancing along to their favourite songs is great fun and a good way for the children to get some energy out.

Take lots of photos and distribute them after woods on a disc, with the music soundtrack.  Life is short and spending time with your family is one of the things you'll never regret spending time on.